Acai’s Programs and services improve business results and increase customer loyalty.  Improved Customer communication and engagement is shown to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.  Acai Software’s program is designed to make personalized communication with your customers easy, seamless and affordable.  Text messages are more likely to be opened than any other form of correspondence, yet most business have no text messaging presence with their customers.  It’s time your business updated its customer communication strategy and Acai Software can show you how.

How can the Acai Solution help my Business?

Mobile Engagement Strategy

Mobile Product Marketing

Mobile Learning and Job Aides

Mobile Communication

Mobile Help-Desk Support

Mobile Customer Service

Mobile Surveys

Mobile Lead Generation

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Promotions and Flash Sales  

Emergency Notification

Event Marketing and Customer Engagement

Who Uses the Acai Platform?

Acai works with the U.S. Military, Corporations, Schools, Non-Profits, Real-Estate Companies, Restaurants, Politicians and Churches.  Anybody interested in communicating more effectively with customers, employees, students or constituents.

How Do You Get Started? 

Acai mobile specialists work one on one with you to provide a convincing reason for your clients to subscribe.  Acai  will consult with you from day one of the program assisting with program design and implementation.  With ten years of experience in the mobile communications industry, Acai Software is uniquely qualified to ensure that your mobile campaign is a success.

Typical Call to Action: 

Sample advertising message, Text (your Keyword) to 88202 displayed on brochures, signs or your website.  Join our club of valued customers to receive updates or special promotions and offers to number 88202 from your mobile phone and sign up for our VIP Club.